Car Car Tips & Other News

Simple Checks Keep Your Car Reliable

Few items under the hood are more necessary--and underappreciated--than belts and hoses. These unsung heroes of the automotive world keep your car running in all conditions.

When was the last time you had yours checked?

How To Bring Some Balance To Your Life

Not only are balanced tires more comfortable to drive on, they can also save you money in the long run.

Read on to learn how and why tire balance is so important.

Eco-friendly Car Care: Waterless Washing

How can you remove the dust, pollen, tar and bug goo when you’re miles from a hose and wash bucket?

The answer lies in waterless wash products. And there’s plenty to choose from.

Basic Tips Help Save Money At The Pump

Who wouldn’t want to spend less money at the pump?

Here’s some simple fuel-saving tips and maintenance advice that can stretch out the time between fill ups.

Shower Some Love On Older Vehicles

That older vehicle in the driveway may not look like much, but it’s been a reliable member of the family for years. The best part? That heap is paid off, and you’re no longer making monthly payments for it.

This is dedicated to those older vehicles. Give them the love they deserve this Valentine’s Day.  


More Disturbing News On Distracted Driving

Distracted driving takes many forms. It can be fiddling with the radio, checking on the kids in the backseat or one of the deadliest distractions--texting.

The National Safety Council took to the streets to ask folks how they avoid distractions behind the wheel. See what they had to say.

When Was Last Time You Took A Good Look At Your Tires?

Drivers will go months without really looking at or thinking about their tires.

Yet serious problems can crop up unless you inspect your tires regularly. Cracking, underinflation, uneven tread and other symptoms of wear and tear can cost you serious money in the long run.

Jazz Museums: Taking In All That Cool Jazz

Jazz music’s influence can’t be overstated. The music that originated in the United States helped pave the way for America’s other original sounds: rock and roll and hip-hop.

Museums across the country celebrate the music’s impact. Take time to visit these musical destinations on your next cross-country road trip.

Blood Donation Drives Highlight February

Giving blood is a selfless act that literally saves lives. What’s a better show of love around Valentine’s Day?

A wave of disasters and seasonal illnesses in 2018 have drained local blood banks. Here’s how you can help.

Awareness Campaign Details Dangers On Flooded City Roads

As little as a foot of moving water will sweep away a small vehicle. Only half may knock a person off their feet.

The National Weather Service has some life-saving suggestions for all drivers encountering flooded roadways.